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Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times: March'23

Our Monthly Investment Outlook covers Equity, MacroEconomics & Fixed Income in India to help you make informed investment decisions. Here's a brief overview of what we cover in each section:

MacroEconomics: Indian economy is expected to maintain its growth momentum in March 2023, supported by a recovery in consumer spending and investment. However, inflationary pressures may persist, leading to higher interest rates and impacting fixed income investments in the short term.

Equity: In March 2023, Indian equity markets are expected to grow steadily, driven by strong corporate earnings growth and a favorable business environment. We expect to see continued growth in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and consumer goods along with a strong emphasis on Manufacturing and demand oriented sectors.

Fixed Income: Potential opportunities for fixed income investments in India, particularly in short-term government bonds and high-quality corporate bonds hovering between the 3-5 year maturity can now been seen given that RBI has, in most probability, finished its slew of interest rate hikes.

Here's our monthly outlook right from the research desk on what the way ahead could look like for the intelligent investor!

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