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Discover how to create a top-performing investment portfolio &
get exclusive insights into tools used by India's top 1% of Investors

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Building a high-performance Portfolio: Here's what you need to know

Self managed V/S        Professionally managed Portfolio?

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Experience difference in portfolio performance with a team of dedicated counsellors

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Explore a Team that actually cares about you & have your investment interest at heart

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Challenges in
Managing your Portfolio

Embarking on an investment journey by yourself may seem easy, until managing it becomes a tedious affair. Additionally, decisions taken impulsively can pose a threat in the long run, and that's where a professional councellor can step in.

Here's a quick cycle of emotions that an investor goes through amidst turbulent times and its subsequent repercussions.


As markets reach their peak, we assume that we have made a smart move and let overconfidence rule our choices, leading to carelessness.

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By now most of us have missed the opportunity to book profits & try to minimize losses by selling at discounted valuations


Notices an uptrend In the market where we usually expect things to go our way.


As markets turn, we watch, anticipating it to be just another blip.


Denial turns to fear, to the point where market losses accelerate & one anxiously turns defensive.


Hopes for positive returns, but still hesitant to invest when prices are low.


Feels relieved as the market recovers, but the cycle may begin again for those who let their emotions rule their investments.


Questions if the growth will last as the market begins to rise.


As market moves in the direction we had hoped, we find the thrill in expectation of higher returns & make an investment .


At this point, we might feel at the mercy of the market & some of us pull out altogether, precisely at the wrong time.

How can a Counsellor make a difference?

Keeping ' YOU' at the center, a Financial counsellor can add Real value to your portfolio with a focus on

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1. Tailored Guidance & Family wealth planning. 

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Every individual has a unique life with specific goals, situations, and preferences. A good counsellor can provide you with a tailored approach via Comprehensive Wealth Planning & Guidance, whether you're starting out or if you'd like to optimize or build on to your current assets.

2. Active Rebalancing of Investment Portfolios

By working closely and monitoring market conditions, a counsellor can identify any potential risks and take steps to mitigate them.


Active rebalancing also helps to prevent the portfolio from becoming too heavily weighted in any one area, which can help to reduce overall risk, adjust your portfolio's asset allocation to ensure that it remains diversified and aligned with your objectives.

3. Tax-Efficient Planning & Investing

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Given the constantly evolving taxation landscape, having a counselor by your side can be instrumental in managing your taxes effectively.

By implementing tax-efficient investment strategies, such as tax-loss harvesting & tax-saving funds selection, a financial counselor can help you make informed decisions that can minimize your tax liability.


A Team that cares, makes all the difference


Long Term Focus

Successful investing is a journey, not a destination. We're committed to staying with you no matter how turbulent, times can get.


Research Backed Solutions 

With over 15+ Years of expertise, we keep a close eye on the market, economy, &.. emerging trends, to guide you in making well informed investment decisions.  


Transparency & Clarity 

Never be in the dark, with your portfolio ever again. We're here to answer all your questions and concerns at any point of time.

Investors like you : What helped them

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“Learning to manage your finances and build an investment portfolio is difficult for most professionals with multiple priorities and limited time. Working with Cambridge Wealth has made it a breeze for me to build and grow an all weather portfolio that works for me through all phases of my journey.”  

Yash Bhanage

Founder, The Bombay Canteen, Bombay Sweet Shop, Forbes 30 under 30

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