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RBI Revises Repo rate to 6.25%

RBI's cautious but optimistic outlook and consequent actions, in all fairness, seem to align to the aggressive monetary tightening that is taking place globally to contain inflation highs.

In its recent MPC meet last week, the RBI once again raised repo rates by 35bps in order to break the prolonged core inflation figures that have been hovering for a while.

But if you were to look at some of the macro-economic factors like rebound in urban demand, expanding bank credit growth (16% YoY), increase in capex leading to boom in the manufacturing space and a whole lot more, it indicates that India's GDP growth is resilient and may have left the worst of inflation behind us. The headline inflation could soften in forthcoming quarters but there could be some volatility given the fears of a possible recession looming over major economies early next year.

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